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2017-2018 Makerspace Room Needed Donations - Updated List
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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Makerspace Room Donations Needed

Great things are happening at Semmes Elementary School in 2017-2018. A makerspace room is being created where classes can sign up to build hands-on, creative projects that mix the objectives your child learns in the classroom with imagination, design, engineering, and fun. 

Thank you parents for the donations we have received! Your support is amazing and is what makes this room possible.  This list will be updated monthly so you know which supplies and recycled items are currently needed:

·        Duplo Blocks (Gently Used or New)

·        Legos (Gently Used or New)

·        K’Nex (Gently Used or New)

·        Masking Tape (Most projects involve tape instead of glue -- a lot of masking tape will be needed.)

·        Clear Storage Containers (6 Quart Small Shoe Box Size; 28 Quart Medium Under Bed Size; 58 Quart Large Size)

·        Copy Paper

·        Cardboard Tubes (Paper Towel/Toilet Paper/Wrapping Paper)

·        Straws

·        Aluminum Foil

·        Pipe Cleaners

·        Newspaper

·        Craft Sticks (Narrow or Wide)

·        Rubber Bands

·        Empty Cardboard Shoe Boxes

·        5 Ounce Paper Cups


Please label donations “Makerspace Room” and drop them off in the library or office.


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