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School Supply List


• $5.00 registration fee ($1.00 postage, $1.00 first aid, $3.00 classroom supplies)
• SES Communication folder - $2.00

2 pkg. #2 pencils (plain) 4 boxes Crayola (24 count)
1 set (8), washable markers (primary colors, no skinny markers)                                                                  2 primary marble bound journal (purchase from SES)
4 (4 oz.) bottles Elmer's glue 1 pair Fiskars scissors
1 school pencil box 1 pkg. Expo markers
1 ea. 3 prong pocket folder (blue, green)
Wish List (optional): Boys-1 pkg. quart Ziploc bags, Girls-1 pkg. sandwich Ziploc bags; pre-moistened wipes, Clorox wipes

2 primary marble journals (purchase from SES for $4.00)                                                                             4 boxes Crayola crayons (24 ct.)
1 standard sized school box
4 glue sticks 4 packs eraser caps
6 packs pre-sharpened wooden yellow #2 pencils 1 pair Fiskar scissors
Wish List (optional): Girls - pre-moistened wipes, gallon Ziploc bags; Boys - Clorox wipes, quart Ziploc bags

1 ea. 3-prong plastic pocket folders 6 glue sticks
(orange, blue, green) 2 pkgs. Crayola markers
2 pkg. Crayola markers 3 pkg. #2 pencils (yellow only)
3 pkg. wide-ruled paper 4 marbled journals (wide-ruled)
1 pair scissors 2 pkg. crayons (at least 24 count)
1 pkg. primary handwriting paper 3 Expo markers
Wish List (optional): Girls-1 box pre-moistened wipes, 1 pkg. gal. Ziploc bags(optional)
Boys-1 container Clorox wipes 1 pkg. quart Ziploc bags(optional)
**Put child's name on all supplies

1 ea. pocket folders (no brads) yellow, orange, 2 pkg. wide-ruled paper
blue, red, green, purple 3 pkg. #2 pencils
8 marbled journals 1 pair med. or lrg. Scissors
2 pkg. crayons (24 pack) 1 pkg. colored pencils
1 bottle glue 1 highlighter and 1 pencil pouch
1 subject spiral notebook (any color)
**No Trapper Keepers or large notebooks
Wish List (optional): Ziploc bags (all sizes), pre-moistened wipes

3 three-prong folders (any color) 1 pair adult- sized scissors
4 pkgs. loose-leaf wide-ruled paper Handheld pencil sharpener w/ cover
1 ruler - centimeters/inches (required) 8 pkgs. glue sticks
60 #2 pencils 1 8-pack dry erase markers - fine pt.
1 box crayons or 1 pkg. post-it notes
2 boxes colored pencils 8 Composition notebooks
$2.00 to purchase web-based learning program - Brain Pop
Wish List (optional): highlighter marker, Ziploc bags (sandwich); Boys-antibacterial wipes, Girls-2 boxes of tissues; can of spray Lysol
Planner $5.00 - purchased from school
*No three-ring binders or rapper keepers; No mechanical pencils; may request supplies for science experiments, i.e. plastic bottles, soil, seeds, etc.

2 spiral notebooks (1 subj., approx. 70 sheets ea.) 8 marbled journal
1 boxes colored pencils 4 dozen #2 pencils
4 pkgs. Post-it notes 1 pkg. wide-ruled notebook paper
2 covered pencil sharpeners (100 count)
8 Expo markers 1 pair scissors
8 glue sticks 1box crayons
2 ea. 3-prong folders w/pockets - any color 1 pkg. 3x5 index cards
1 highlighter 1 pkg. 4x6 index cards
Supply box
Wish List (optional): gallon Ziploc bags, 1 student planner (purchased from school) ($5), disinfectant wipes
*No 3 ring binders or trapper keepers
*No mechanical pencils

2 Black Expo markers 1 composition book
small pencil box 1 3-prong folder w/ pockets
1USB flash drive (any color)
1 pack #2 pencils
1 pack markers - not fine tip
1 bottle Elmer's glue
1 USB flash drive
Wish List (optional): 1 box Kleenex, 1 roll paper towels



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